Create entertaining TV style game shows with Athena

Best for presenting your own game show questions offline in a fully interactive and customizable way, on BIG SCREENS for different events and occasions.

For Windows 7, 8 and 10



Many question types

Multiple choice, guess picures and music, flip cards, etc.


Teams and Scores

Define team names and their colors. See scores in real time.


Fully customizable

Change all colors, backgrounds, logos, timers and sounds.


Responsive design

Fonts and pictures resize automatically to match all screen sizes.


Save and load

Save your game as a file for backup or later use


Edit easily

Easily add and edit questions of different types from inside the app.

‌‌Be Creative

Gamify learning

Use game shows to improve morale, bring stronger attention, increase participation and lower stress while learning

Save and share

Fully customize you game show, choose your colors and backgrounds and save it all as a file. Re-use it later or even send it to others.

Break the ice

Add fun TV style game shows to any event, class, meeting, party or groups.

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